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Don Bryson


Equipment Used:


Springfield Armory XDM tuned with Powder River internals


  • IDPA
  • 3-Gun

Don Bryson

How Don got into competitive shooting

I started hunting and shooting at around age 8 with my family in North Georgia. I can't remember a family get together where at least some time was spent out on our property shooting. In 2009 and I decided to go to my first local IDPA match. After that I was hooked and tried to go as often as I could. It was not until 2013 that I really started to take the sport more serious and devote more time to it. In my first year of competitive shooting, I shot in 6 major tournaments including the US Nationals.

Favorite shooting memory

I really don't have just one particular favorite shooting memory. Anytime I go practice at the local range and have my kids go and shoot with me is considered a great time.

Personal goals

Finish in the top 75 at the IDPA World Shoot in September. Also, plan on crossing over into USPSA and 3-gun.



Florida State IDPA Match: Enhance Service Pistols - Marksman 2nd Place/11 (Match Bump)

South Carolina State IDPA Match: Enhance Service Pistols - Sharpshooter 12th Place

Comp-Tac's Republic of TX Championship: Enhance Service Pistols - Sharpshooter 22nd Place

Mountaineer Classic (NC State): Enhance Service Pistols - Sharpshooter 8th Place

IDPA US National Championship: Enhance Service Pistols - Sharpshooter 14th Place


Florida State IDPA Match: Enhance Service Revolver - Marksman 3rd Place

South Carolina State IDPA Match: Custom Defensive Pistols - Marksman 3rd Place

Virginia State IDPA Match: Custom Defensive Pistols - Marksman 3rd Place

North Carolina State IDPA Match: Custom Defensive Pistols - Marksman 4th Place

US East Coast IDPA Championship: Custom Defensive Pistols - Marksman 2nd Place

IDPA US National Championship: Custom Defensive Pistols - Marksman 9th Place

Photos & Videos

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