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Bethany Harris

"I just wanted to share with you how much I love my TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Shorts. I take them everywhere with me across the US; competitive shooting matches, hiking vacations and even job sites. My gear may change, but the comfort and practicality of the pants and shorts cannot be matched. Every woman worries about what to wear to fit in, to be sensible at task and to look good. Since I've found TRU-SPEC, I no longer worry, and packing is effortless. No matter where I am, a local shooting match in Georgia or a job site in Iowa, someone asks me about my pants or shorts and wants to know where to get them. I've even had men ask for their wives!"

Bethany Harris

Competitive Shooter

Lance Cpl. Jeff Kleven

"Let me first start by telling you my family and I love this Gunny Tour of Duty pack. It just saved my life!

I live in Las Vegas and I was on my way to work this morning on my Harley when a tour bus cut off the SUV in front of me. As the chain reaction goes, they hit their brakes so I downshifted and hit my brakes. I was going about 65-75 mph on the freeway. When i did that, the motorcycle came out from under me. I remembered that if you go down on a motorcycle on the pavement you have to try to turn on your back, spread out, and relax. because of the Gunny pack I had on I was saved from most of the road rash and broken bones and most likely a broken neck! Also, because I was wearing the pack higher up on my back it saved me from hitting my head on the pavement. This pack saved my life! Not to mention I had three energy drinks in the middle pouch and they didn't open or puncture or anything! A testament to a quality product."

Lance Cpl. Jeff Kleven

Retired United States Marine Corps


"Back in October I was involved in an incident while on duty. My partner and I were conducting a vehicle stop when the driver decided to take off in the vehicle. Long story short I was drug along the side of the vehicle for about three to four blocks. I sustained injuries to my knee and ankle but very limited road rash to my lower half. I believe that is due to your 24-7 Series Tactical Pants. I just wanted to say thank you for making a great product."


Law Enforcement Officer

"The best damn pair of pants I've ever owned."

The Gunny

Retired Gunnery Sergeant

"Got my third pair of TRU-SPEC tactical pants today, still haven't worn out the first!! The most comfortable and best pair of pants I have ever owned!! Great for fishing and anything outdoors! Shorts and shirts are next on my list! Thank you TRU-SPEC!"
TRU-SPEC: Official Apparel of Scaly Adventures

TRU-SPEC apparel and gear is a perfect fit for adventurous, active lifestyles. In this video, hear why the Scaly Crew chooses to use TRU-SPEC gear out in the field and on TV.

TRU-SPEC: Official Apparel of Scaly Adventures

"TRU-SPEC is the toughest and most comfortable gear I have ever owned. Whether I am hunting, fishing, out target practicing or digging in some dirty storage unit, TRU-SPEC's 24-7 Series apparel meets all my needs. They have plenty of pockets for my knives, tools, extra mags, or whatever else I need and they are tough as hell!"

Ton Jones

Star of Spike TV's “Auction Hunters”

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