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The new TRU-SPEC® BDU Xtreme was developed in a partnership with A-TACS Camo and was created with the input of Special Operations and Law Enforcement personnel. It is a hybrid uniform design and bridges the gap between the original BDU and the modern ACU by incorporating many of the best features of both. Sleeves cut from soft yet durable 50/50 vat dyed nylon cotton rip-stop material that resists fading and shrinking and the bodies made from 60/40 cotton nylon baselayer body, these uniforms are built to perform.;

  1. 1/4 zip front mandarin collar
  2. Cover hood on zipper for comfort
  3. 2-slanted shoulder pockets with button closure and hook & loop panels for unit patches
  4. Reinforced elbows
  5. Adjustable cuff with hook & loop closure


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(2 Reviews)
  • Posted: October 15, 2020

    Reviewer: A

    Location: ID

    Outstanding shirt. Liked it so much I bought a second! I have the A TACS FGX a very deep green eith a little brown that is so brown it almost looks black, but is not and because of that and the random pattern is EXTREMELY difficult to detect in the woods. Better than multicam or woodland. Brent0331 on youtube has great videos on A TACS FGX and IX. I matched FGX shirts here to the IX pants. The color palette is a perfect match and this really breaks up your silhouette. Also, it looks like a standard hunting camo, so it doesn't attract nearly the attention of a military pattern. But it completely outperforms military camo. Its just shocking. I'm former military and I'll never go back to other patterns as long as they keep making this stuff. The pant: They need either a string, elastic or pull tabs on the sides like regular BDUs. And they need knee pad slots. The pants are fast and light. They are extremely comfortable. Tru Spec, listen up! Waist cinch and knee pad slots! The shirts are insanely well thought out. Pockets. Height of the mandarin collar keeps thr sling off of the neck. Length of the T shirt tuck in. Button wrists. 1/4 zip. Perfect. All of the features. Is INCREDIBLY comfortable under a plate carrier. Should buy 10 more.
  • Posted: November 21, 2019

    Reviewer: Rod Hicok

    Location: IA

    I love Tru-Spec clothing. After having to settle for other brands that don’t fit right and don’t hold up, not mentioning names, I was able to convince my boss 4 years ago to let me order Tru-Spec to try them to see if they fit me better. After 4 years of daily use (2 pair) they are still functional but are showing some wear and tear and I convinced him to let me order them again while the others were still stuck with the other brand. When the other deputies saw what I was getting and how much better they fit etc., 4 of them wanted Tru-Spec too, so they ordered them and they love them. I even got my dad (who is 77 years old) convinced to try a pair and I think he is ordering a pair or 2 (he works on a golf course in NC). I recommend Tru-Spec gear to anyone who asks what I wear and tell them why too.

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