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24-7 Series®


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The best fitting, most comfortable tactical pants on the market. The original 24-7 Series® Tactical Pant, designed with an engineered dimensional fit that is just right for on-duty or off-duty wear. With features like a comfortable slider waistband, deep cargo pockets that are designed to accommodate a concealed weapon and reinforced knees that are designed with special pockets for inserting pads, the pants cannot be beat for utility or comfort. 6.5oz. 65/35 polyester cotton rip-stop fabrics are DWR water repellent coated. These are the pants that started it all.;

  1. TRU-SPEC® original PRYM snap with brass YKK® zipper
  2. Comfort fit slider waistband
  3. 2" wide belt loops
  4. Extra deep front pockets
  5. Two knife/accessory pockets
  6. Expandable back pockets with hook & loop closure
  7. Two cargo pockets with hook & loop closure and bellowed side gussets that contain 2-internal magazine compartments
  8. Utility pocket on outside of cargo pockets
  9. Double reinforced knee with built in knee pad pockets


28 - 44 with 30", 32" & 34" inseams
28 - 54 with unhemmed inseam of 37"

Note – color shading will occur on products constructed of different fabric blends. To insure a matching set please purchase all shirts, jackets and pants in the same fabric.

All of the 24-7 Series® pants with a comfort slider waistband run about one size larger.

24-7 Series® pocket design is a registered trademark of ATLANCO®.



(61 Reviews)
  • Posted: October 12, 2018

    Reviewer: Hank S.

    Location: FL

    Great pants. Haven't shrunk or faded a bit after several laundry cycles. Deep pockets, long zipper fly, feel great , and look sharp.
  • Posted: October 11, 2018

    Reviewer: Lawrence STONE

    Location: FL

  • Posted: October 8, 2018

    Reviewer: Sascha Yoko

    Location: AL

    Great trousers. Tough, flexible fit for when your legs grow/shrink due to training. Lots of space for storage with a logical and predictable layout. The material is tough and breathable. It also dries quickly after getting wet. Water beads on the fabric before it soaks. The material is easy to clean. The cut is good looking with enough space for high boots and/or regular shoes. Can be used in a formal setting as well as a bush climate. Outstanding effort.
  • Posted: October 7, 2018

    Reviewer: KB

    Location: TX

    Excellent pants! I work in an office now and these pants are still extremely versatile with all of the pockets.
  • Posted: October 5, 2018

    Reviewer: Sean

    Location: OR

    Very comfortable pants and finally a company making a spruce green pant. I will be ordering a few more pairs.
  • Posted: September 11, 2018

    Reviewer: Tracy

    Location: OR

    I bought 4 of the rip stop version when contracting in Iraq for a couple of years. Wore them the full 2 years, working 7 days a week until returning home and storing them for later. 2 years ago I started wearing them for work as a tow truck driver. I'm encrusting them with various gasses, greases, oils, mud and grime, you name it. Climbing over and under cars and wrecks, up and down hills, pretty much anything you can imagine it would take to recover accidents and get the road cleared. These are the same 4 pair from before, and there are absolutely no rips or tears. No holes in the knees (something I had to replace pants every few months for, before), either, and that's from 4 solid years of wearing (7 days a week overseas, and 6 days a week now. I'm looking to get new pants now only because I chose the light tan version before, and they just don't hide the stains. I have dyed them quite a few times, but that fades over time, and never actually gets dark enough to be black. Anyway, if you are bothered by the price as I was originally, don't be. These pants take a severe beating, laugh it off and beg for more.
  • Posted: August 31, 2018

    Reviewer: Mike

    Location: IL

    I've worn both the original and the rip stop nylon versions of these while working security. Most well thought out pant that I've ever owned. The mag holders in the cargo pockets can be used as dividers to separate items & they hold them close to the body (so when you run, the cargo pockets don't feel like a couple water balloons strapped to you). The knife pocket prevents wear on material and the flaps keep everything secure. Even when wrestling a combatant to the ground. These are now my go-to pant. It will be interesting to see how long these last compared to previous choices.
  • Posted: August 24, 2018

    Reviewer: Steven Sampson

    Location: IL

    Best pant I've ever owned. They last through hellish conditions without failure. I crashed a motorcycle wearing a pair and they didn't even RIP to the point Joliet emergency services suggest their people to wear them. Amazing clothes for the act person. Keep up the good work. Those 24-7's literally saved my ass
  • Posted: August 21, 2018

    Reviewer: Ryan Priebe

    Location: MI

    For anybody who is worried about sizing, I'm 6'5" and I usually wear 36x36 pants. I have a pair of 34x34 rip stops. They fit absolutely perfectly. My ONLY issue with these is that the "water-resistant" coating mostly went away after the first wash. I followed the directions exactly. That will not stop me from further purchasing more of these pants.
  • Posted: June 27, 2018

    Reviewer: Roy Hargitt

    Location: KS

    Love these pants for fit and light weight but wish they had the same pocket configuration as the 24/7 Boot Cut for smart phone carry ,better pocket set up on boot cut but prefer leg fit on these
  • Posted: May 11, 2018

    Reviewer: Joshua R Stacy

    Location: NH

    Great pants, comfortable and light weight, I personally prefer these over my 5.11 tactical pants I have to wear for work. Truspec does it right!
  • Posted: May 4, 2018

    Reviewer: Steve R.

    Location: AL

    Just received my third pair of these great pants. I now prefer them to the blue jeans I've lived in almost forever. But the real reason for this review is to praise one of Tru-Spec's great customer service people, Stephanie. When I placed my online order recently I apparently omitted the correct size. In reviewing the order prior to shipment, Stephanie compared it with my earlier purchases and flagged my mistake BEFORE the order was sent out. Thanks to her alertness, I was saved the hassle of having to return the order and await a replacement. Thank you, Stephanie -- whatever Tru-Spec is paying you, they're getting their money's worth and then some!
  • Posted: April 24, 2018

    Reviewer: Steve

    Location: AL

    Just received my second pair of your great 24-7 original tactical pants. I've had my first pair for not quite a year and wouldn't trade 'em for the best coon dog in Mississippi! I actually like these pants better than jeans, if that's possible.
  • Posted: April 22, 2018

    Reviewer: Mike

    Location: PA

    Some bad a$$ pants. They stretch with you when you bend. They have a quality piece of hidden allistic (stretchy shit) and stay tight all day. Even my expensive work jeans stretch out by the end of a long day from bending and kneeling and they start to show the plumbers crack. Even know im an electrician. They run long. I got a 34 34 im 175 lbs 6' with a lil gut. And they could be a few inches shorter. Other then that their the most comfortable work pants I ever had.
  • Posted: April 8, 2018

    Reviewer: Sunny

    Location: CA

    Great pants but wish they had an additional pocket near the bottom by the feet for ssomething like a boot knife like the other pair of tactical pants they have.
  • Posted: March 2, 2018

    Reviewer: Sean

    Location: MD

    These pants really are the best damn pants I've ever worn! I have a few as casuals, and when I go hiking or backpacking I always wear a light tee with these pants - I roll them up on hot days for easy trails, but if I hit unfriendly terrain I can always put them back down. They look great, they're comfortable, and they hold up well. What's not to like?
  • Posted: February 17, 2018

    Reviewer: StarVenger

    Location: AL

    Got all 11 colors of the tru-spec 24/7 tactical pants 65/35 P/C rip-stop for about a year now. no problems so far. they fit great and comfortable. I agree that the crotch should be gusseted for better durability.
  • Posted: February 1, 2018

    Reviewer: Bynum

    Location: NC

    Purchased a couple of pair of these in 100% canvas, khaki, and coyote color. I love everything about them, fit, fabric, and features with one complaint. The khaki pair has developed a hold near the rear pocket seam, and they have been worn less than a dozen times. I'll repair this and hopefully have no more issues with them. I just received a pair of the 65/35 polyester/cotton Rip-stop, so I'll see how those hold up and will provide a review later as to the durability of those.
  • Posted: November 11, 2017

    Reviewer: JY

    Location: AL

    Very good and nice comfortable,tough everiday pants. So glad I have a distributor close. Only minor remark , is that material is a little noisy for stealth approach.
  • Posted: October 3, 2017

    Reviewer: Tom Heath

    Location: MD

    Fantastic fit for me. I'm short and have a bit of a beer belly and it is extremely hard for me to find tactical pants that fit properly. The stretch waist really works for me.
  • Posted: September 30, 2017

    Reviewer: J. Walley

    Location: CA

    I've been wearing these 24/7 series pants for 3 years, they are great for police work and I prefer them over our standard issue uniform pants. They can take a beating and are extremely comfortable, I switched from 5.11 pants and have no regrets. I have multiple pairs, for work, range days, hiking and hunting. Great product for a really great price.
  • Posted: September 28, 2017

    Reviewer: Jared D

    Location: TX

    In a world of negativity and devastating events taking place around us these days I'd like to take a moment to reach out and thank you! I have several pairs of Tru Spec tactical pants which have been with me on several trips now to Rockport Texas to assist with Hurricane Harvey recovery. These pants have been through it all and continue to be my favorite, most comfortable, longest lasting pants I take with me. Hell they're the only pants I now take with me as I continue to make trip after trip. I just wanted to thank you and relay my personal thoughts on your products! Keep up the good work!
  • Posted: August 22, 2017

    Reviewer: Brad Kemp

    Location: FL

    The 100% cotton is a must in extreme heat locations. The breathability and durability combination cannot be beaten by manmade materials. Wish they offered it in their other pants so I could try those. The best part is the (hidden) knee pad pockets that allow you to insert knee pad material. Cannot say how durable they are yet, but so far so good! Pros: Material, Knee Pad pockets!!!! Cons: None So Far.
  • Posted: July 18, 2017

    Reviewer: Brandon D

    Location: SC

    Thursday, July 13th I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was going around a blind curve at about 45mph and a deer jumped out. It was either hit the deer and get thrown or go for the dirt and slide it out. I went for the dirt. I was wearing Tru-Spec 24-7 pants. After I stopped sliding I checked out what all I had injury wise and noticed that the 24-7 pants held up wonderfully. Better than that I would have expected. I noticed that in the knee the sliding tore through the first layer of fabric, but the second layer was still perfectly intact. I firmly believe that the 24-7 pants played a significant role in protecting my lower body seeing as how the only leg injury I sustained was a severely bruised knee. If I hadn't been wearing the 24-7 pants I believe that I would have severely tore up my leg. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the pants to share seeing as how the EMS unit that arrived the first thing they did was cut the pants leg off. Thank you all for making an excellent pair of pants that can hold up to even the worst of conditions. I will from now on be a strong supporter of Tru-Spec.
  • Posted: May 19, 2017

    Reviewer: collins

    Location: MD

    Great pants, mostly. I had one snap break out of 7 pairs of pants. The outer mag pocket will not fit my double stack .45. The do wear great... I really beat the he(( out of these pants every day. The lighter weight 24/7s are great in the summer.
  • Posted: May 5, 2017

    Reviewer: Mike Hagis

    Location: MD

    Bought warm weather version. Well made, pocket set up is very useful. Need to enlarge two outside pockets on cargo pockets. Knife pockets great for mag lights , small tools. Found warm weather version to be hot on very hot days but normally very comfortable.
  • Posted: May 4, 2017

    Reviewer: Steve R.

    Location: AL

    Just received my first purchase from y'all, a pair of 24/7 tactical pants in Style #1060. Right out of the wrapper they fit perfectly, felt good and as rugged as they looked. I'll use them primarily for my tactical training classes and trips to the range. I'm looking forward to many years of service from this item and hope to be buying more of your fine products.
  • Posted: March 21, 2017

    Reviewer: Charles Price

    Location: CO

    The cell phone pocket need to be longer for the new phones to fit, other then that great pants.
  • Posted: February 8, 2017

    Reviewer: Josef Novak

    Location: AL

    I have three pairs of these amazing pants in different colors for about 4 years. I have not had a single problem. A bit frayed around the pockets. I carry in my pockets for spare magazine G 17 :) Otherwise holds no rift. When I buy another tactical pants are from the brand TRU-SPEC.
  • Posted: February 1, 2017

    Reviewer: John Saxtorph

    Location: WA

    I like dividers for AR15 magazines inside of cargo pockets and small vertical pockets on hips as they fit my 1911 magazines. However, 100% cotton fabric didn't survive a year (follow links to see pictures). Also, the very important detail is missing - a gusset. Because of this, pants are not very stretchable and comfortable, especially when you have to sit for a long time.
  • Posted: January 17, 2017

    Reviewer: Jim Morrison

    Location: CO

    I purchased a couple pair of the 24-7 tactical pants at Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Tried them on and love them! Heavy duty, quality, and fit GREAT!!!
  • Posted: December 18, 2016

    Reviewer: Martin

    Location: VA

    Spent 8 1/2 months straight on a flight deck as a plane captain. 12 hours daily of running chalks an chains. I beat the hell out of em on 4 acres on Non-Skid....And my original standard issue 4 are still working strong.
  • Posted: October 25, 2016

    Reviewer: TAC3

    Location: GA

    A1 company & product!
  • Posted: October 3, 2016

    Reviewer: Zachary Russell

    Location: OH

    I used to work in the private sector and i can tell you that these are the best damm pants In the world! No other is more comfortable, useful or as professional. I guarantee it. Amazing pants!
  • Posted: October 2, 2016

    Reviewer: Audley Muschette

    Location: NY

    I like the nice pant I ordered it thank u
  • Posted: September 15, 2016

    Reviewer: Efrain Castaneda

    Location: OK

    I work as a private security officer here in the state of Oklahoma. For the past 4 years I have been wearing the 24-7 pants you guys have made. As an independent contractor my budget at times has to be strict and I have to make things last. These pants have held up wonderful and I still have my very first pair that I bought. Foot chases through the snow, humidity making me sweat like no tomorrow, crawling on the ground to take cover while being shot at. These pants have held up and stay looking good. I just wanted to tell you guys thank you for making a solid and affordable product.
  • Posted: September 5, 2016

    Reviewer: Mc

    Location: MA

    Decent pants with true-to-size waist fit. Ordered both 36Wx32L cotton and 36Wx30L poly/cotton ripstop; cotton was longer to allow for shrinkage in length. Would've preferred 31L inseam but not available :( Both pants are relatively roomy, somewhat baggy but comfortable. Ripstop version makes swishing noise which may disappear as it's broken in and washed. The waistband Does Shrink slightly, similar to the shorts, as it does stretch now. Small side pockets barely holds an encased iPhone 5S as it's meant to hold a mag clip. Pockets are relatively roomy except the rear needs to be roomier and needs a separate wallet pocket. Khaki color for both pants are similar to shorts in that it's a DARK khaki with a green tint though it's more of a grey/dark khaki tone. Ripstop is very similar to 5.11 version and comfortable. It's pricey so wait for a coupon or a sale. Hopefully, the cotton will be warmer in colder months and that both the pants are durable to last a few years.
  • Posted: September 1, 2016

    Reviewer: Michael C

    Location: MA

    The 65/35 poly/cotton pants, 36Wx30L, is true to size and fits relatively well. Haven't washed yet but expect some shrinkage, similar to the Shorts version, where the waist shrunk so it became 37W as the elastic bands were stretching. Expect slight inseam shrinkage as some socks do show when crouching or sitting. A 32L inseam would've been too long. No gusseted crouch. The 100% cotton pants, 36Wx32L, is also true to size But is much more baggy/roomy than expected. Read that the pants will Still SHRINK so bought the 32L inseam to compensate for the shrinkage. At least the socks don't show ;D The cotton version is heavier, obviously, than the ripstop version and hoping that it's more durable. Hopefully it'll be warmer in the winter but still cool during the warmer months. It's lighter than regular denim jeans. The ripstop version feels lighter and softer than the 5.11 ripstop version. This is a swooshing noise when moving but hopefully it'll disappear as the pants are washed/dried and broken in. It's lightweight to wear in warm/humid weather though I'd suggest using long underwear if you use the pants in colder weather such as during winter. Khaki is much Darker like a Slate/Grey tone than the usual lighter khaki tone shown in the pictures :( Fits very similarly like the Shorts version and pockets are basically similarly positioned. Small side pocket still won't properly hold an encased iPhone 5S as the top of the phone sticks out. It's probably meant for a mag clip or so. The rear pockets will fit a relatively thick wallet but needs to be deeper. Could be better with deeper rear pockets and a separate wallet pocket combined. Buttons should've been used instead of velcro for the side/rear pockets as who'd want to hear the ripping noise of velcro? Feels durable and hopefully it'll last a few years :)
  • Posted: August 19, 2016

    Reviewer: Bill P

    Location: KY

    Great pair of pants with a nice fit and hold up to abuse. I’ve owned a couple pairs for a couple years and I’m just now needing to replace them and I use them in the field all the time. Price is a little high but I’m willing to pay it since they last for years.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016

    Reviewer: Sean Harkins

    Location: WY

    I love these pants. I have several pair, and it's great to have pockets for everything I carry every day. That being said, I truly wish they had a gusseted or otherwise reinforced crotch. The ripstop material wears out relatively quickly in high-friction areas (e.g. the crotch) and is very difficult to repair once torn. The crotch is the only thing keeping these pants from a 5 star rating for me.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: iliana cabrera

    Location: AL

  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Brian

    Location: MO

    Great pair of pants. Very comfortable, pockets, pockets and pockets in pockets! Best damn pants i've ever owned!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: anthony williamson

    Location: NC

    Have 4 pair of 24-7 s using last 3 yrs carry extra pistol max s in cargo pocket, Knife in side pocket Love the stretch waist , wish they made a Shorter waist when standing crotch has 2inches hangin down because of my body size Love them other than that. Dont wear nothing else when doing tactical moves. Thanks tony
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Matthew Dunn

    Location: NC

    I am a land surveyor and put all of my clothing to the extreme. Through every season and much hiking. Truly the best all day wearing pants on the market.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Gregory Sarver

    Location: IN

    36 inch inseam is conspicuously missing.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Bill Lancaster

    Location: MD

    I bought 6 of these in 2010 to go on deployment and they held up so well I bought 4 more in 2011 for another deployment. They are all still going strong and have very little signs of wear. I wear them daily for work so they have been washed a few hundred times and are still holding up great. I recommend these to anyone who needs a quality pair of pants to actually work in.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Eric Hester

    Location: NC

    I bought my first pair of 24/7 tactical pants in 2012, and since then I have replaced every pair of pants I own with them, they are one of the most comfortable, and durable pants I have ever owned! The only thing I have ever had to wear out on one is the back pocket where my billfold goes, but that being said that pair of pants lasted me several years with no complaints, I just sewed it back up with some good quality thread, and they were back in service! I will continue to buy these until they either make something better for cheaper or they discontinue these!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Tripp Taratus

    Location: FL

    Bought my first 24/7 Tactical Pants and couldn't be more happier. Buying both under armour and 5.11 pants, can't hold up to these pants. Ordering two more pair in khaki and black for my bug out bag and the range.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: A. Salminen

    Location: AL

    Very good pants but the cell phone pockets are too small for a smartphone. Also the accessory pockets are useless.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Benjamin Wagner

    Location: Germany

    I am a security professional with Gebirgsjäger experience and the 24/7 is the company duty pant. And it is the best cargo-duty-tactical pant ever. It is better then our german police pants, better then 5.11, better then every 150 €-superduper-pants. I love them. We love them.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Sam

    Location: AZ

    Need 28" inseam!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Nick J

    Location: NC

    Love these pants in the 100% cotton! Perfect for work pants with all the pockets for storage and plenty of room to move in the inseam. I’m up and down a lot on the job and it’s great to have a pair of pants that I’m not having to pull up all the time. Tried the polyester cotton ones and they weren’t as comfortable as they didn’t seem to fit the same in the crotch. I will be buying more of the cotton ones though! Thanks Truspec!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Kelly C

    Location: CO

    Simply the best all around wear to work, hunting, traveling or anything. I wear the shorts almost every day, pants when traveling. My only complaint is the unhemmed length needs the knee pad pockets a couple of inches lower, at 6'5" they're too low for my legs!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Marshall Helena

    Location: NC

    Living in the North Carolina Piedmont, these poly-cotton rip-stop pants are the best three-season pants I've ever worn. They are indestructible, functional, comfortable, and stay good looking. I've been approached several times by people wanting to know the brand and where I got them. I own both khaki and coyote-brown. Wear them around the house, working on projects, working in the yard, hiking, and at firearms ranges. Have several new pairs in the plastic as a hedge if they ever stop making them or screw-up by changing the design of what is already perfect, which always happens to any clothing I really like sooner or later!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Brandon H

    Location: TX

    After wearing everything from dickies to carhart, 5.11 and everything in between. I can without a doubt say this makes every other work pant obsolete. I have replaced my closet with them. I will continue to buy them as long as i wear pants. :)
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: The Gunny

    Location: California

    Best damn pair of pants I've ever owned!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Nando Rios

    Location: AZ

    Needed a pant that would stand up to all day of SWAT training. Even though 5.11 was having a big sale, I'm glad I chose the 24-7 series. Great fit, kept me cool and stood up to the pressures of the training. I highly recommend them.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Nathan Hedstrom

    Location: FL

    These are the best wearing pants I have owned, both in comfort and quality. I bought 3 pair of pants 4-years ago in the rip stop material, they are the only pants I wear for work and they are still going strong. So if you feel the cost is a deterrent, look at the $$$ you could save over time in not having to replace pants.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Jim

    Location: FL

    Every bit as good as the other brand names you know about as to quality, features. Very comfortable, and surprisingly flexible if you are a little bigger than the stated size. They never bind.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: YellowFinHunter

    Location: CO

    This is the Tru Spec Collection I like the most. They are available in Cotton or Polyester/Cotton blend. For size comparison, I am six feet, four inches tall, 38 inch waist and weigh 205 pounds. Size 38X34 fits me perfectly. I especially like the expandable waist band which ensures a perfect fit, not tight, not loose. Both fabric blends are great. I have purchased eight pairs of these pants and all have performed exceptionally well. I have had no manufacturing issues with these pants. The Gunny is correct when he states that they are the best damn pants he ever wore. Same here Gunny.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Dani

    Location: AL

    I’ve worn few tactical cargos before, but I’m pretty happy to say the Tru Spec 24-7 was my another good experience in a “tactical” pants, and a rather rare tactical pants specimen at that compare to other brands namely 5.11, Helicon Tex 'em!

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