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24-7 Series®


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Special ladies cut with a lower rise and a special cut in the hips & thighs. Built with the same features as the men's 24-7 Series® Tactical Pant with an engineered dimensional fit that is just right for on-duty or off-duty wear but with a woman's features in mind. With features like a comfortable slider waistband, deep cargo pockets that are designed to accommodate a concealed weapon, and reinforced knees that are designed with special pockets for inserting pads, these pants cannot be beaten for utility or comfort. 6.5oz. 65/35 polyester cotton rip-stop fabrics are DWR water repellent coated.;

  1. TRU-SPEC® original PRYM snap with brass YKK® zipper
  2. Comfort fit slider waistband construction which eliminates the need for gathered elastic or adjustable side tabs and will accommodate either paddle style or inside-the-pants holsters
  3. 2" belt loops 
  4. Extra deep front pockets
  5. Two knife/accessory pockets
  6. Expandable back pockets with hook & loop closure
  7. Two cargo pockets with hook & loop closure and bellowed side gussets that contain two internal magazine compartments
  8. Utility pocket on the outside of cargo pockets
  9. Double reinforced knee with built-in knee pad pockets


0 - 24 with unhemmed(35") inseam
4-14 with 30" & 32" inseam
Additional hemmed sizes subject to availability

Note – color shading will occur on products constructed of different fabric blends.  To ensure a matching set please purchase all shirts, jackets and pants in the same fabric.

All of the 24-7 Series® pants with a comfort slider waistband run about one size larger.

24-7 Series® pocket design is a registered trademark of ATLANCO®.



(14 Reviews)
  • Posted: September 28, 2021

    Reviewer: AlphaSixx

    Location: IN

    Ladies, these are the real deal! I bought a couple of pairs after getting my husband some of the mens version (and WOW have they held up this year). I have wore these all summer! Just roll the legs up if you're hot and wear like capris. Definitely water resistant - and sweat? No problem. Dries in no time. You aren't walking around chaffing up the thighs. Doesn't pull down on the back side when you bend over. And dirt? Just rolls right off. I wore them while gardening in black dirt and was surprised when I stood up and the dirt just dusted right off. The elastic areas they show you? PERFECT if you aren't quite sure you're getting the right size - or you happen to eat a turkey dinner and want to go shopping on the Black Friday the next day (who doesn't need expanding pants for that?). If your waist is equal to or less than your hips, use the HIP measurement and get their recommended size. Only regret: I should have gotten the 30" inseam. 32" is a touch too long but it's nothing a cuff or quick or hem can't solve.
  • Posted: April 6, 2021

    Reviewer: Spencer

    Location: TX

    Love the look and fit
  • Posted: November 26, 2020

    Reviewer: Owl

    Location: TX

    I love these pants. Low rise, perfectly comfortable. Easy bending, sitting,squatting without discomfort. I work on an airfield and these have enough usable pockets to hold the important things. I especially like the deep from pockets because the contents of them doesn't come spilling out when you sit down. My only complaint would be the cargo pockets are too far back. Rotated 2 or 3 inches forward would be perfect. I've tried other brands. These fit the best. I won't buy any other kind.
  • Posted: June 4, 2020

    Reviewer: Stephanie B

    Location: WI

    Perfect for on or off duty. The cuts are all perfect for women who wear their pants lower than most. I've bought 3 pair already and anticipate more later!
  • Posted: May 22, 2020

    Reviewer: Anna Cousins

    Location: PA

    Top notch customer service who took the time to recommend the perfect tactical pants for me. These pants fit great with a more relax leg because I am a cyclist. Love them and I would highly recommend Truspec.
  • Posted: April 15, 2020

    Reviewer: Gina Alberti

    Location: NY

    The fabric and construction are good quality, but there are a few areas that are problematic for me. First, they sit on your hips with a short crotch...like low rise jeans, so a little uncomfortable for their purpose. Let’s just say that if they weren’t black there would be an unfortunate view from the front, if you know what I mean. Because I thought they’d sit a little higher on the waist, the belt I bought for them is too short. In regards to sizing...if I gain 1lb, all bets are off, which is strange because I bought the pro flex style in the exact same size and they fit fine. In fact, the pro flex ones are better fit wise, all around. No returns due to the virus, so I will wear these, but I recommend the pro flex style over these.
  • Posted: March 2, 2020

    Reviewer: Cara A Cunningham

    Location: PA

    My waist size is 25 I bought a size 0 and they fall off of me. I am re-selling with tags. I am a WOMAN and it should not be so difficult to fimd tactical pants that fit!
  • Posted: June 2, 2019

    Reviewer: Tatia Krueger

    Location: TX

    I love these pants. I work on a flight line and have been wearing these since 2016. I've really not worn any out. They hold up really well. Though because of my work I have ruined a few pairs with stains. I just cut them off and wear as shorts . Then buy a new pair to keep up appearances. I like the hip pockets deep so when I sit down or move for the job nothing falls out. I like the caro pockets to but wish they were about 2 inches forward because if im carrying alot in the cargo pockets the back part of the pocket is under my leg when I sit. overall these are the best cargo pocket pants I have found since leaving the military. I'll continue buying them as I need to.
  • Posted: June 21, 2018

    Reviewer: Kate

    Location: AL

    While the quality of material and number of pockets was great, the pants were very uncomfortable to wear. They ride too low for me, the crotch is uncomfortably short and they gape open at the back when I crouch down. Would love if these pants came in a high waist option.
  • Posted: March 2, 2018

    Reviewer: KKearns

    Location: TX

    I ordered 4 pair of these to wear in Afghanistan. The material is too heavy for the weather. I don't wear them because they ride a little low when you sit and are too short in the crotch for me. They don't have enough give. I bought several from Duluth for women that are perfect and very comfortable. I just wish they had as many pockets as these.
  • Posted: September 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Michaela

    Location: GA

    I love these pants. I liked the way they looked on the admin girls at my previous job and tried a pair on for fun. The fit is perfect! I know that 5.11 is the thing in LE but they just don't fit a girl with hips right. I can move in these and they are comfortable in training scenarios or on Fridays when I'm stuck at my desk.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Michelle

    Location: KY

    Love the fit, and really love the slider waistband. I'm an industrial mechanic and all the pockets are incredibly handy for tools and small parts. Highly recommend.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: liz

    Location: SD

    would really like to find someone with the navy blue
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Kerry

    Location: NC

    Very well made pants. I've had these pants in the past for a EMS program at school, and now I need more for the police academy. What I love is that Tru Spec caters to females by having pants specifically made for females. These pants have a lot of functionality with all the features and pockets and the elastic part in the waistband makes them so much more comfortable. My last order came in very quickly and I will surly order more products from this company.

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