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Perfectly designed parka made with an improved three layer windproof, waterproof, breathable material to keep you dry and comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you. The secret is the high quality, environmentally safe Bemis seam tapes. Seam tape is the critical link in the chain of waterproof protection and Bemis is the recognized worldwide technology leader in providing thermoplastic films for a myriad of industrial applications. Designed to be compatible with our Polar Fleece Jacket (not included).;

  1. Stand up zip-through collar with stowable hood and drawcords
  2. Sleeve pockets allow for sewn-on patches
  3. Adjustable sleeve cuffs
  4. Hidden map pocket
  5. Non-freezing two-way zipper with double storm flap
  6. Insignia/badge loop on front placket
  7. Nylon reinforced elbows
  8. Zippered openings in the underarm for ventilation
  9. Drawstring waist with cord lock with access in front hand pocket
  10. Bemis taped seams
  11. Advanta™ inner lining


Small - 3XLarge Regular
Medium - 2XLarge Long
Small - XLarge Short (Available in MultiCam® Only)

Try any TRU-SPEC® H2O PROOF New and Improved Outerwear with confidence!

TRU-SPEC® TRU-CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE - The 2 year TTC Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your TRU-SPEC® H2O PROOF outerwear for any reason; return it to TRU-SPEC® for a full refund of the purchase price. Restrictions apply, see TRU-SPEC® warranty for complete details.



(29 Reviews)
  • Posted: October 8, 2023

    Reviewer: Jim

    Location: MI

    Excellent design. Fit is on the large side, so if you plan to wear gear or extra layers underneath it's perfect. Had the stitching on the hem come loose right out of the box, not a dealer breaker for me, easy fix. It would have been worse if the stitching had come loose elsewhere though; the repair might have compromised the waterproofing. I really do wish the inner zipper for the liner used YKK#5 like the outer zipper though and not a coil zipper. It would be nice to be able to interchange military surplus ECWCS components as the TruSpec polar fleece liner really is sub-par. Oh, and if you get this, consider packing it in a Thunderhead waist pack. Good molle gear, same dimensions as milspec, perfect fit and color match to boot. It's such a perfect companion piece, Truspec should consider a joint package offer with them.
  • Posted: March 23, 2022

    Reviewer: Scott Earnest

    Location: AK

    US Army Arctic Airborne. A major improvement over the standard issue ECWCS level 6 top. The extra pockets increase accessibility of gear and the interior zipper allows for the addition of another insulated layer. Definitely a must have for cold weather training events.
  • Posted: January 24, 2022

    Reviewer: Scott F Perry

    Location: NY

    Great jacket, TS water proof membrane is comparable to the military ECWS Gore-Tex jackets. I have both. My Tru Spec has been worn hard for a few hikes and a ton of horse barn chores with and without the liner. People complain about water resistance...you have to watch your jacket and dry it to reactivate the DWR. When the DWR gets old, re apply. Same as ANY jacket from this to the 500+ brands we all know and the military jackets. Dirt and oils will pull water through a jacket like a wick.
  • Posted: July 15, 2021

    Reviewer: Nicholas Madison

    Location: VA

    The construction of this jacket is well thought out, the fit is comfortable, and you can be warm in VERY low temps when combined with the polar fleece liner. However, after 10 months of light use, the jacket is no longer water repellent. The material soaks up water and becomes burdensome within a few moments of heavy rain. Not sure if this is normal but I would think it would repel water for much longer.
  • Posted: March 29, 2021

    Reviewer: Darrell M

    Location: SC

    Great product,keeps me dry in hard rain.
  • Posted: March 9, 2021

    Reviewer: OPSEC CHARLIE

    Location: NY

    I've used other ECWCS jackets including the Canadian military issue made by Peerless Garments and the one made by Helikon-Tex in Poland. So I can say this version by TruSpec stands firmly among the world's best. I bought my regular size and it fits well over a USGI Polartec 300 fleece liner. Do yourself and your wallet a favor. This is the one you want.
  • Posted: February 8, 2021

    Reviewer: Andrew Schumacher

    Location: CO

    Fabric is outstanding, zippers are okay as are drawstrings, but the coat overall is bombproof.
  • Posted: December 4, 2020

    Reviewer: Matt

    Location: MI

    Had the Gen I and wore it till it finally gave up the ghost. Gen 2 is a little shorter length wise for the same size and all but it's a great jacket.
  • Posted: June 15, 2020

    Reviewer: John J

    Location: DC

    Good deal(Particularly For the price) Very similar if not better than the US government military issueI’m 149 pounds at At 5’11”-slender built,Purchased size large men’s OD Green. Haven’t had a chance to put it to At this time(but based on the military issue it seems to be better)With the exception of oneThang little bitHeavy, Other than that this utility all purpose outdoor function jacket, I work for the Park service and we can wear OD green jackets, The pockets~ arrangement is uniquely placed,Giving this Parker a good balance if the pockets were loaded, Left and right( internal Napoleon pockets with zippers) Can easily wear several layers: Insulating ‘sweaters ‘or pull over-Purchase linerFor Zip in. whether to trap heat Outstanding,Just above the thigh hand warmer Pockets outstanding-built over cargo pockets: Integrated with hand pockets very unique, Left and right shoulder pockets, handy(With this jacket I could carry a map 2canteens, two sandwiches, Compas, Cell phone with extra battery, Spacious To legally and lawfully carry a firearm:(without printing)Extra magazines,Gloves and hat-Extra pair of socks and sunglasses,I’ve already(Plan on purchasing another BeforeThisNovember. For the money it’s a 7Star. Thanks for reading peace and tranquility to all.
  • Posted: June 8, 2020

    Reviewer: John jones

    Location: DC

    Excellent deal for just over $100(i’m 6 feet &152 pound-Slender)I mainly got the jacket for my upcoming winter trip 11-2020, The jacket is very solid built-very unique pocket arrangements total of 8 pocket, I got me the OD-Green size large Regular, I probably could’ve went with a medium long(but I want to be able to add down Parker’s and wear scarfs and put stuff in the pockets in the Chicago frigid weather & And Mount Katahdin Maine. I probably will be getting me another one for a back up shortly. Retired US Armed Forces, Infantry rifle man,Motor transport havey vehicle operator, Military police. 26+years. Thanks for reading peace and tranquility.
  • Posted: April 30, 2020

    Reviewer: RBL

    Location: PA

    I waited until we got a steady rain to check out this parka. The hood is deep enough that wind blown rain from the side stays off of the face; the material is wind proof; the zippered arm vents were appreciated as temperature was low 60's; and, the parka kept me dry.
  • Posted: March 16, 2020

    Reviewer: Ryan S.

    Location: MI

    Recently bought and just received the multicam version of this jacket. It's very well built, durable and comfortable. Additionally, the fleece liner fits in with ease. However, I noticed the company logo on the back in white stitching, which on the multicam pattern sticks out like a sore thumb. You can't see it on the website photo as the hood is covering it. On the surface, it looks to meet uniform standards, with the camo pattern, flap for rank insignia, and even the "Gunny" in the advertisement. But it doesn't. Be sure to do some research as nowhere do they claim to confirm to military specs. To the manufacturer, if you truly want to market this product, especially the ones with camo pattern, to military personnel, get rid of the external logo. Would've been 5/5, but due to the unexpected placement of the logo and inability to wear with the OCP, I give this product 2/5 stars.
  • Posted: February 18, 2020

    Reviewer: Clare Kraklow

    Location: IN

    LOVE this jacket I had a layer under it - used it cross country skiing - I was plenty and it kept out the wind. Can’t wait to wear it horseback riding in the rain.
  • Posted: February 7, 2020

    Reviewer: Ed P

    Location: MD

    Purchased parka and have worn it for the last month with no complaints. The build quality seems to be good. I am not thrilled that it was made in CHINA but so far it appears to be holding up well. Service is great!!!! I have also purchased several M65 Field jackets from TRU-SPEC and have no complaints with their products.
  • Posted: February 7, 2020

    Reviewer: Richard Bartels

    Location: AL

    Very good service and great products easy returns I have gotten two cold weather coats like both styles. Will order again when I need to replace them.
  • Posted: December 26, 2019

    Reviewer: chuck

    Location: NJ

    I love this parka. best jacket ever. water proof, wind proof. the sleeve pockets are perfect for my phone. the stow-able hood doesn't have thermal protection but it is big enough for wearing a wool cap or use with a hoody. whether you use H2O parka with the fleece liner (purchased separtely) or a hoody this jacket surpasses my carhart wet weather jacket or carhart canvas duck jacket. well worth the money!
  • Posted: December 6, 2019

    Reviewer: David

    Location: FL

    Made well and fits right. Nearly indistinguishable from the authentic issue. Would buy again.
  • Posted: October 31, 2019

    Reviewer: Jake

    Location: KS

    H2O was a perfect match jacket for OCP.
  • Posted: March 1, 2019

    Reviewer: henry yang

    Location: CA

    i like it. it works great for rain but it has little thermal protection. you should pair this with a fleece liner.
  • Posted: January 24, 2019

    Reviewer: Darrell G Dunlap

    Location: TN

    Excellent jacket and excellent quality. Would be better if the hood zipped off completely. Would be better if the collar could be managed by folding down and not stick up mid ear and in front of your face.
  • Posted: January 17, 2019

    Reviewer: Clarence Phillips

    Location: NC

    Perfect shell jacket with a Polartec jacket. If you get cold with this combo, you don't need to be outside.
  • Posted: December 20, 2018

    Reviewer: Bill

    Location: GA

    A high quality product
  • Posted: September 7, 2018

    Reviewer: Hoosier Veteran

    Location: IN

    Totally love my Tru-Spec H2O ECWS Parka (multicam). In 3X it gives me plenty of room to move, keeps me dry, and looks cool doing it. So far, so good holding up to regular use in the field. Hood stows nicely in the collar like the old M65 field jackets, but nowhere near as well (M65 let you tuck it into the lining vs. only collar). Hate that I cannot find a liner for it. Always bugged the heck out of me starting the zipper, and forget about doing it with cold hands. Wish it had a 2-way zipper to allow me to zip up, and then unzip the lower part. Wish it had side zippers to access pistol holster, radio, phone, pants pockets, etc. All-in, it's held up far better than the Gortex coat I had in the military with it's thin poly lining (which promptly ripped to shreds), and rain-catching hood.
  • Posted: February 1, 2018

    Reviewer: matt stalcup

    Location: IN

    Cant talk this company up enough. I purchased one of these from a local dealer a few months ago that appeared to be a dud. After a few weeks the zipper broke and some seam tape was loose. I have never had issues with Tru Spec before. The dealer would not do a return. I contacted Tru Spec and they promptly handled the issue and replaced the jacket. I have had no issues with the new one. This is a great company that truly stands by there guarantees. Outstanding customer service. As for the jacket, it is actually nicer than the issued ECWS parka. The system of zipping in a fleece as a liner is a great idea. The hood also has a Velcro hood cinch added to it which is also a great feature. The hood on the issued parka is huge and kills my field of view. As some people may mention it does have a TS logo on the back that many units will consider unauthorized for wear unless covered. Excellent product. Excellent company. I will continue to buy Tru Spec.
  • Posted: November 24, 2017

    Reviewer: joan doe

    Location: TX

    good parka
  • Posted: October 21, 2017

    Reviewer: Haraldr Pederssøn

    Location: IL

    I give this jacket 5 stars, because everything it's advertised and promoted to do, it does. A remarkable clothing article to have. And a clothing article I really like to have with me when I'm in the field. This is an all weather storm proof and cold weather parka that stands up to its claims.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Ward Stone

    Location: VA

    This is an incredibly well designed parka that is extremely versatile. It is water proof in driving, heavy down pours and in all day rain! Great as wind parka and as an outer shell over an insulated coat. Buy this parka and get the pants that go with it! You will never regret owning or wearing them. Regarding sizing, order a size larger than you would in military issued clothing!
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Ward Stone

    Location: VA

    The hood is as amazingly well designed as the entire parka. This hood is heavy duty, water proof, and fully adjustable to seal out the mildest to harshest weather. It allows good viability and does not cause tunnel vision. When stowed in the collar it is not bulky and creates a nice trim appearance.
  • Posted: July 13, 2016

    Reviewer: Lewis P.

    Location: AK

    This parka and liner works! I Was in driving rain near the Arctic of North America, prospecting for minerals. I then bush whacked up a bear, wolf, moose and Caribou trail to access the alpine region. I stayed dry and warm. Abrasion resistance is excellent, as I was in dense brush, and multiple environments. Map pockets work well. I over loaded the cargo pockets, and they worked great. Upper sleeve pockets are very useful. Availability and service is excellent.

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